Oficina dos Violinos & Cia.


Oficina dos Violinos & Cia. is the home of some of the more experienced and professional Luthiers and Archetiers in the city of Porto. With more than 25 years of experience, we consider ourselves experts in the art of constructing, repairing and restoring bowed strings instruments.

Our Mission


Our mission is to create and maintain the highest quality standards in order to give the best of each instrument to our customers.

We want to help the students and musicians to overcome the more colossal challenges with ease. For that, we prepare each instrument in our workshop with the best resources.



Our Amazing Team

What our customers have to say

Undoubtedly the best bowed strings instrument store in Porto! Dedicated, specialized and knowledgeable professionals, Beautiful store and a sweet mascot.
Mestre Maravilhas
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At Oficina dos Violinos & Cia. the service is personalized, attentive and professional each situation is studied in detail and the best solutions found.
Teresa Vilaça
From Facebook
Luthier Miguel Mateus in an extraordinary professional surrounded by a team of competent, friendly and above all very helpful people. Beyond the beauty of the store itself, personalized service makes space a unique place
Teresa Morgado Loio
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Sell Wind Instruments?

At the Oficina dos Violinos & Cia. we only work with bow instruments (Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass). As well as some baroque variations of the mentioned instruments.

Delivered to my area of residence?

For our customers who cannot go to our store we indicate that we are available to deliver wherever it is most convenient to you in mainland Portugal and the Islands.

I wanted to rent but I am by far, what can I do?

Don’t worry, you can contact us by email: aluguer@oficinadosviolinos.pt or via alternative means on the contact page and we will get the instrument to you.


Presencialmente aceitamos multibanco e numerario. Na nossa loja online aceitamos  referência multibanco e MB Way.

What instruments do they have for rent?

Contamos com mais de 150 instrumentos para alugar entre violinos, violas, violoncelos e contrabaixos. As marcas e modelos dos instrumentos variam. Todos eles são preparados antes de ser entregues.

I have an instrument that needs a repair, can you do it?

Em primeiro lugar, fica calmo(a). O mais provável é que seja possível reparar, mas para isso precisamos de ter cá o instrumento/arco. Entrega-o na nossa oficina ou pede uma recolha e iremos fazer o nosso melhor para lhe dar uma vida nova .